Expert Advisory

At Security Lab Health Tech SA, we are committed to transforming our clients' visions into effective and concrete software solutions. We understand that every idea, no matter how abstract, deserves attention and care to reach its full potential. Our approach begins with a careful and detailed listening to the client’s needs, laying the groundwork for tailor-made software development.

Our team of experts goes beyond mere programming. We design a comprehensive plan that covers all the crucial aspects of software realization: from legal compliance to technical specifics, ensuring that each project adheres to current regulations and the highest quality standards. The unique aspect of our service is our ability to tackle and integrate every phase of software development. From ideation to realization, from development to market launch, each step is meticulously cared for. Moreover, we offer complete post-launch support, ensuring that the software not only functions flawlessly but continues to evolve and adapt to changing needs.

At Security Lab Health Tech SA, we strongly believe that an idea, backed by the right technology and expertise, can become a revolutionary solution. Our mission is to bring these ideas to light, transforming them into software tools that not only meet but exceed our clients' expectations.

Different perspectives, one objective.

We believe in a multi-dimensional combination of skills and experience to provide our clients with high quality, reliable, 360 degree solutions to their problems.

Medical Consulting

Our team includes professionals with a strong background in medicine and health care. This clinical experience is critical to thoroughly understanding the needs of healthcare professionals and developing solutions that effectively meet the daily challenges of the healthcare world. Our deep understanding of the clinical environment enables us to design products and services that not only meet but exceed the expectations of health care professionals.

Legal and Compliance Consulting

We are experts in Swiss and European privacy regulations, providing a solid foundation to ensure that all our solutions meet the highest legal standards. This expertise is crucial to navigating the complex regulatory landscape of the healthcare industry, ensuring that our clients can operate with peace of mind.

Software Development

Our team has extensive experience in information technology, which is essential for the development of advanced telemedicine software. This expertise enables us to implement the latest technological innovations and offer intuitive solutions that can be easily integrated into the daily practices of health professionals.

Cyber Security Consulting

Data security is a top priority for us. We have cyber security experts who ensure that all of our solutions are protected from cyber threats. This proactive approach to security ensures protection of sensitive patient data and compliance with privacy and data security regulations.